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The ‘Connections’ book


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Cover page of: 'Connections: artists and writers in North Craven';
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The upland area of the Yorkshire Dales known as North Craven has stimulated the creative impulse in generations of artists and writers. Visitors have been moved by the magnificent limestone scenery and many who have lived and worked here have found inspiration.

The aim of this booklet, based on the theme of an exhibition held in The Folly, Settle in 2006, is to enable readers to explore in greater depth some of the connections which exist between people and places and the links from one person to another. To make this more convenient, we have devised a series of four trails which can be followed either in parts or as a whole. A biographical section at the end of the book provides further information about the people included in the trails.

Before the second half of the 18th century, we have only a handful of surviving descriptions and pictorial representations of North Craven. The publication of maps, together with the road improvements which took place from the 1750s onward, led to an increase in visitors in search of the 'sublime' and 'picturesque'. These were concepts associated with vastness, solitude and natural magnificence, tinged with a degree of 'horror' which became fashionable among the upper classes, most of whom were more at home in the gentler landscapes of the south. Guidebooks began to be published and artists were commissioned to provide illustrations.

The coming of the railways in the mid - 19th century opened up the area to a much wider range of visitors of all backgrounds, who came in search of recreation. The subsequent arrival of motor transport meant that the age of tourism began in earnest and with it the proliferation of illustrated books and pamphlets.

Apart from tourists, many artists and writers have been attracted to the area to live and work and several fruitful collaborations have developed as a result. The part they have played in recording changing patterns of life has been of vital importance to historians and happily a new generation continues to flourish.

The sheer quantity of associations means that there will inevitably be some omissions. We have however tried to illustrate the diversity of creative talent which exists. New work is being produced all the time and we hope that our readers will enjoy discovering many different 'connections' for themselves.

This publication draws substantially from the 2006 Temporary Exhibition held at the Museum of North Craven Life entitled: 'Connections: Artists and Writers in North Craven': details may be found on the Exhibitions page.

Powerpoint presentation on 'Connections' publication (pub 2007) and exhibition (2006)


There are two reviews of the publication:

Thanks are due to the Dalesman and the Yorkshire Dales Review for providing copy and giving permission to lodge it on this website.

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