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Temporary Exhibitions 2018

Programme for 2018

1 March - 24 June

1 March - 29 April
'Challenge and Change: 350 years in the life of a house and its region'

1 May - 8 July
'Voices from the Land'

26 June - 22 December
'1918: The Long Last Mile'

10 July - 22 December
'Life and Tradition in the Yorshire Dales: A Celebration'

Back in Settle:Farms, Flags, Forges has been inspired by a remarkable Facebook group set up around four years ago by local man, Mick Harrison to share stories and old photographs from the Settle area. There are now almost 1,600 people involved from all over the world and the stories and photographs are ones most people will never have seen before, because up till now they have lain hidden in family albums and scrapbooks. Mick quickly realised how many wonderful memories were disappearing into a skip as families moved away and was determined to do something about it. Thanks to his enthusiasm some amazing pictures are seeing the light of day. Farms, Flags, Forges focuses on the area's farming, quarrying, and associated Dales occupations. It compare practices carried out today, with those of the past, giving visitors the chance to spot people from their own past, and perhaps share their own recollections.

Challenge and Change follows 350 Years in the life of The Folly and its region. The changes with the first local bank appearing in Settle in 1791. The challenge of improving the local road networks so that goods (and people) could be transported in larger quantities and greater distances. The changes for local properties with the Great Rebuilding following the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 and many more. The exhibition chronicles the abilities of the local communities to adapt and survive the many challenges and changes they faced.

Crafty Knitters Also on show for another season, will be panels by Crafty Knitters depicting Settle buildings, including The Folly.

Voices from the Land This exhibition of photographs, audio recordings and writing shares the lives and practices of Dales farmers today. What does it take to work this harsh land? What has changed in the last 50 years and how does the future look? The work has been collected over ten months on farms and at shows and sales by Rob and Harriet Fraser and a team of volunteers. It will be displayed alongside items from the Museum's collection.On loan from The Dales Countryside Museum.

"1918:The Long Last Mile" opens on Tuesday 26th June and looks at how the lives of the people of North Craven were affected by the Great War in 1918. It is the latest in a series of exhibitions as part of our involvement in the "Craven and the First World War Project" funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. More to follow.

Life and Tradition in the Yorkshire Dales Celebrating 50 years since the original publication of this important work that captured the last days of a disappearing way of life. We share the background to the book by iconic Dales authors Marie Hartley and Joan Ingilby - who with their foresight and passion for collecting, founded the Dales Countryside Museum in 1979. Original notes, photographs, sketches and artefacts give a glimpse into the everyday lives of Dales people. On loan from the Dales Countryside Museum.

You may like to review the events for 2018 on the Events page, which gives details of events through the season related to the exhibitions.


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