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Our exhibition 'the End of an Era: 200 Years of Zion Chapel' tells the remarkable story of Zion Chapel, built in 1816 into the steep hillside of Upper Settle and just a few doors up from The Folly. So, what is so special about Zion? Apart from being a hidden gem of a building with one of the most stunning views in Settle, it tells the story of a group of people who have been at the heart of community life in the town for the best part of 200 years. Many of today's residents will have connections with Zion, not only through services, weddings and funerals but also through the astonishing range of all-age activities that have flourished over the years. Members organised all these themselves: plays and shows were written and put on, an orchestra and several choirs were formed and concerts given, as well as a young people's fellowship, two Sunday schools, a Guild, a mid-week fellowship and various rambles, dances, socials and fundraising efforts. All these groups had their own programmes and outings and seaside holidays were arranged from time-to-time. The sheer quantity of activities is breathtaking and as one former Zion member says, 'You could do something different every night of the week if you wanted and we always had such fun!'

Sadly, Zion had to close its doors for the last time in 2015, but there is every reason for us still to celebrate its 200th anniversary. The Chapel Trustees have kindly donated their entire archive to The Folly and this gives us a wealth of material of all kinds to draw on for our exhibition: objects, photographs, notebooks, beautiful hand-illustrated magazines, posters and much more besides. We want people to come in and enjoy spotting their ancestors, families and friends and then dig around in their own albums and add more. That would continue Zion's great spirit of sharing for the next generation!

Our companion exhibition 'Back in Settle' has been inspired by a remarkable Facebook group set up around three years ago by local man, Mick Harrison to share stories and old photographs from the Settle area. There are now almost 1,600 people involved from all over the world and the stories and photographs are ones most people will never have seen before, because up till now they have lain hidden in family albums and scrapbooks. Mick quickly realised how many wonderful memories were disappearing into a skip as families moved away and was determined to do something about it. Thanks to his enthusiasm some amazing pictures are seeing the light of day. The best thing about our exhibition is that it has been curated by a team from the group who add in their own memories and stories; it's about people: old friends, workmates, local characters - maybe even a photo of you you haven't seen before! It's also about places and how they've changed or maybe even disappeared. We want people to come in and enjoy the results and then go away and dig out their own photos to share. That way we'll get to know more and more about our area.

Our exhibition "1917:Mud and Misery" opens on Tuesday 4th July and looks at how the lives of the people of North Craven were affected by the Great War in 1917. It is the latest in a series of exhibitions as part of our involvement in the "Craven and the First World War Project" funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 1917 was dominated by the dreadful battles of Arras and Passchendaele. We follow the fortunes of two local battalions - the 6th and 10th Battalions of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, both of which played their part in those battles and the many local lads who lost their lives in 1917. We also look at the different parts of the world where men from North Craven found themselves, and how they communicated on the battlefield. For some it was all too much and we consider those who were shot at dawn - "to encourage the others". On the Home Front, food shortages were becoming serious, allotments were set up and voluntary rationing was encouraged. We look at the setting up of the Women's Land Army. We tell the desperately sad story of a mother who never gave up hope and looked for her son to come home every day until she died. A young farmer, too young to go to war, kept snippets from the newspapers in his wallet all his life, about his friends who were killed.

With so much of interest to local people, our annual tickets, priced at £7 are a great bargain, giving unlimited access to all Folly exhibitions for a calendar year. There is so much to see and we make sure that our younger visitors are not forgotten, with special activities provided throughout the building and the chance to dress up.

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