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Temporary Exhibitions 2010

The exhibitions for 2010:

You might like to consider


Saturday 31 July to Sunday 31 October 2010:
Landscapes of the Ribble with Water in North Craven, and Water Works

All three of the new exhibitions opening on 31 July, 2010 in The Museum share a watery theme.

On the top floor and upper staircase walls we shall be displaying Andy Latham's "Landscapes of the Ribble" (£16.99; hardback, 267 x 250mm, 112pp, 120 colour photographs; ISBN 978-0-7112-3028-6; on sale in the Museum; published by Andy is a professional photographer, based in Bolton. After the recent publication of his acclaimed book of photographs with the same title, he will be exhibiting a selection of stunning photographic prints. Following the Ribble from the heights of the Yorkshire Dales, through the lush Ribble Valley and out to the sea at Lytham St. Anne's, his photographs capture the beauty and variety of this wonderful landscape. To complement Andy's exhibition, we shall be displaying material from Frederic Riley's well-known book "The Ribble from Source to the Sea"; and other early tourist guides. Andy will also be delivering a talk about his photographs and the book project at The Folly on Saturday 16 October (tickets £6). On Sunday 17 October he will be leading two half-day landscape photography workshops (see for further information)


© Andy Latham (JPG, 56Kb)


You may be interested in the following media items relating to the exhibition:

On the first floor we are using works from the Museum's own collections, as well as borrowed items, to explore the subject of "Water in North Craven: Life, Work and Leisure";. This exhibition will illustrate the great influence of water on all aspects of the life of our area. Exhibits will include an 1831 map of Settle's first piped water supply, documents and photographs relating to the construction of the Upper Reservoir, old photographs from the Riley and Horner Collections depicting angling, skating, caving, swimming and rambling and a display devoted to washing and sanitation.

Water for Life: Landscape: Board 1 (JPG, 83Kb)
Water for Life: Landscape

A copy of all the display boards of "Water in North Craven" is available as a pdf (9Mb, PDF) and in text format as a webpage;


Settle has an active Photographic Group ( which was invited to contribute pictures on the "Water" theme. The group decided on the title "Water Works" and interpretations were wide-ranging. Members carefully selected about 25 images from the many offered for exhibition. The display will be in the Railway room and corridor on the top floor of The Folly.


Water Works

An exhibition of the work of Settle Photographic Group

Falling Water 1: A study in black & white, picture by Tony Crossland (JPG, 145Kb)
Falling Water 1: A study in black & white, picture by Tony Crossland

Settle Photographic Group meets on the third Monday of every month in the Friends' Meeting House (, Kirkgate, Settle at 7.30pm. For more information, visit Settle Photographic Group will also be holding its Annual Town Trail and exhibition in the late summer. Photos will be shown in shops around Settle 20-31 August and then exhibited at Settle Parish Church ( 4-12 September.


Tuesday 30 March to Tuesday 27 July 2010:
A Malham Family of Painters: Constance Pearson, Philippa Holmes, Katharine Holmes

An exhibition originated by the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds (

This event is being promoted in conjunction with the Bowland Arts Festival

Paintings by three generations of women from a Yorkshire family: Katharine Holmes (b. 1962) the youngest of the three is the daughter of Philippa Holmes (1921-1999) who in turn is the daughter of Constance Pearson (1886-1970). Katharine is known for atmosphere and weather filled paintings of her native Dales landscape. Alongside two large canvases about the limestone of Malham there is an installation of small square drawings and an accompanying series of paintings.

Tuesday 30 March to Tuesday 27 July 2010: A Malham Family of Painters (JPG, 468Kb)
Tuesday 30 March to Tuesday 27 July 2010: A Malham Family of Painters


Katharine Holmes at the opening of the exhibition (JPG, 60Kb)
Katharine Holmes at the opening of the exhibition


From the exhibition: Katharine Holmes: A Malham Journey (JPG, 56Kb)
From the exhibition: Katharine Holmes: A Malham Journey


Constance Pearson: Middle House (JPG, 41Kb)
Constance Pearson: Middle House

Middle House: The house can be approached on foot, either from the north east shore of Malham Tarn or from Street Gate across Great Close pasture, formerly the setting for the huge cattle, sheep and horse fairs vividly described by Thomas Hurtley. Hurtley recounts how 'you might frequently see 5,000 head of Scotch cattle at one time'. The group of l7th century stone buildings at Middle House occupies the site of an old Norse settlement, later farmed as a grange of Fountains Abbey. The small building to the south of the house is a dovecot. John Ruskin made a watercolour sketch of Middle House during his tour through the Dale in 1875 and the same scene was depicted some seventy years later in a pen and ink drawing by Constance Pearson (from "Connections", p. 7).

You may be interested in the following items relating to the exhibition:

and also the following items which are for sale in the Museum relating to the exhibition:

Some of the artwork in the exhibition by Katharine Holmes and Jerry Hardman-Jones (photos) is for sale. Artwork by Constance Pearson & Philippa Holmes is not for sale. All images are copyright.

Katharine Holmes is also participating in North Yorkshire Open Studios 2010 (11/12/13 & 19/20 June): see for further details.


Temporary Exhibitions for other years may be found by clicking on the relevant links below:


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