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Temporary Exhibitions 2009

The exhibits for 2009:

In addition, an additional exhibition in November and December 2009:

Printlink Exhibition Profiles Work of Craven Artists 14th Nov-13th Dec 2009

Opening times: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11.30am-4.30pm

A new exhibition, called Printlink, at the Museum of North Craven Life in Settle will feature the work of five printmakers, all living and working in the Craven District of North Yorkshire. The exhibition is inspired by the geographical connections between the Printlink artists from Skipton, to Ribblehead , Middleton to Appletreewick. The physical links between these locations, including the Pennine Way and the railways and canals with their heritage and history, are all reflected in the show.

The artists are:

See the Press Release for more information: Press Release

Helen Peyton Moon (JPG, 58Kb)
Helen Peyton Moon
Philippa Troutman Print (JPG, 192Kb)
Philippa Troutman Print
Tony Stephenson Window (JPG, 92Kb)
Tony Stephenson Window

8 August - 27 October: Some Sheep are on the Pitch ... An exhibition celebrating the centenary of the Craven Football Association

Some sheep are on the pitch; an exhibition to celebrate one hundred years of Craven District Football Association (JPG, 46Kb)
Some sheep are on the pitch;
an exhibition to celebrate one hundred years of Craven District Football Association

A book and a DVD in conjunction with the exhibition are for sale at the Museum:

Some sheep are on the pitch (Book cover) (JPG, 34Kb)
Some sheep are on the pitch (Book cover)


Introduction to the book by Allan Cawood

The Kick Off

A few words regarding the production of this exhibition and brochure.

An initial idea which, as my daughter pointed out to me, sounded good and intelligent, proved nearly too much to accomplish within the time available. Support was willing and available form many Clubs and support from the referees was forthcoming - but it was getting hold of the details

The history of the Association, which I have completed so far, the Club histories, which have been a real bind, plus the other details - details of the people who have been granted a Long Service Award from the County FA and the referees who have gained the Football Association Long Service Award. Plus all the extras - all the photographs and memories from several footballers which, I believe, should be included in this "one-off". Many thanks to them all for their assistance.

I know it is a fine brochure, one to preserve and pass on to your children and the DVD, a miscellany of all the photographs I have received. Some are placed in the correct order, some are not, so I hope you will enjoy them and puzzle them out.

The whole project has, because of illness, proved much more daunting than I ever imagined. However, largely due to Catherine Johnson, whose expertise and knowledge have been superb and to Colin Clifford for his help and other work, the exhibition is finally coming together.

May you all enjoy the exhibition and the numberous exhibits (we are always available to answer any queries) and I trust it has raised some thoughts, and brought pleasant memories to your minds.

More information


27 June - 4 August: Sheep - From Lamb to Loom


27 June - 4 August: Sheep - From Lamb to Loom) (JPG, 60Kb)
27 June - 4 August 2009: Sheep - From Lamb to Loom

"Sheep: From Lamb to Loom" runs from June 27th - August 4th and is truly unique. It is the result of three years of fieldwork by the artist Kate Lynch as she followed seven sheep-farming families in Somerset and Devon with her sketchbook. She chronicles the sheep and wool at market, in the tannery and in the workshops of wool graders, spinners and weavers. Alastair Goolden accompanied Kate, recording sounds and voices. The resulting collection of Kate's charcoal sketches and oil paintings with Alastair's textured sound installation, evokes the working lives of shepherds, artisans and craftspeople and is a celebration of our age-old relationship with sheep.

Complementary Yorkshire displays are being provided by Lawkland Young Farmers, Skipton Auction Mar sheep sales and the Wool Marketing Board. Local businesses have given examples of how wool is used and their work will be on display.

Throughout this exhibition, The Folly will be open on Wednesdays in addition to the usual Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 10.30am - 4.30pm.

During the exhibition there will be opportunities for hands-on experience.

For more details on the "Lamb to Loom" exhibition, please see: Lamb to Loom.

For a review of the exhibition by the British Wool Marketing Board (, please see their press release

Celebrating North Craven Past and Present

Projects by groups in North Craven, inspired by the Museum of North Craven
Life's fascinating collection of local books, documents and photographs.

The ‘Archive Alive!’ project has been running since June 2008 at the Museum of North Craven Life in Settle and culminates in an exhibition which runs until June this year. The exhibition celebrates the wealth of fascinating material contained in a collection of local archives and the innovative projects which they have inspired. The collection, purchased recently with a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, contains all sorts of books covering the archaeology, geology, flora and dialect of Craven and many guidebooks to Craven, reflecting the growth of tourism in the area as the railway network expanded. There are also photographs, posters and pamphlets on a huge variety of themes.

Celebrating North Craven Past and Present (1) (60Kb)
Celebrating North Craven Past and Present (2) (56Kb)
More material from the "Celebrating North Craven Past and Present" exhibition is available here.

An article on the Archive Alive! Exhibition appears in "Dales Heritage" (Issue 10, April 2009, p3). A one-page PDF is available on this website (PDF,482kb) with thanks and acknowledgements to the Dales Heritage partnership of Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Craven District Council, Richmondshire District Council and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. A pdf of the full issue is available on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority website at: pdf (5Mb); also via Craven Museum & Gallery, Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust, or Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Temporary Exhibitions for other years may be found by clicking on the relevant links below:


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